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Our Leadership and Staff

Senior Pastor

A & L.jpg

Dr. A. Olinger and his wife Lisa

A glimpse into my life...

 A glimpse into my family life will reveal the blessings God has granted to me having been married to Lisa now for almost 30 years, God has blessed us with a home filled with excitement and laughter. But the two have now become 11 as our boys have married and so far given us five wonderful grandchildren. This gives me a tremendous sense of stability love and gratitude.

If you have watched the show "Ice Road Truckers" , then you have a little glimpse into the early days of my working life. Growing up in Northwestern Canada, I spent most of my time behind the wheel of a truck in the mountains before God called me to full-time Ministry. This gives me a practical and down-to-earth perspective on both life and Ministry.

My Ministry experience will give you a glimpse into the journey God has taken our family on that has ultimately found as serving here at Country Meadows Baptist Church.  We have served in three locations prior to Missouri: Alberta, Canada, North Dakota, and Southern Illinois. My experience runs from church planting, to an oil boom, to small town America. This has given me an appreciation for churches in all stages, and a passion and desire to see God's people become the Missionary People he intended us to be.

And a glimpse into my education will allow you to see the personal growth and interest God has given me. My Bachelor of Christian Ministry showed me that I wasn't quite as smart as I thought I was. My Master of Divinity gave me the tools to begin this journey of ministry. And my Doctor of Ministry confirms that I still have a great deal to learn. This has implanted within me a deep desire to learn, grow, and share what I've gained with others.

So it is with the blessings of the past and anticipation for the future that we embark on this journey with Country Meadows Baptist Church.

Connections Director


Cym McCoy

Cym has been serving in Children's Ministry at Country Meadows for more than 25 years, and on staff since 2006. She loves Jesus and loves sharing that love with children! She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Tim, for more than 35 years. She is the proud grandmother of 9 grandchildren and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. When she isn't hanging out with kids, she enjoys reading, scrap-booking, spending time with friends and traveling with her husband.

Youth & Worship Minister

Tim & Brianna.jpg

Tim and Brianna Buchanan

Southern born and raised, Tim is originally from Texas. Coming to faith at an early age, he has been involved in the Church his whole life and felt the calling of the Lord towards ministry when he was 13. He attended a university in Nashville, TN where he graduated with his degree in praise and worship. Immediately after graduating, Tim moved to Honduras in Central America where he taught at a bilingual Christian school for 6 months. After falling in love with the people and culture, the Lord called him back to the United States where he ended up meeting his future wife, Brianna, at a local church in his hometown where he was serving. 

The two were joined as one in marriage in November of 2020. After 4 years of faithfully volunteering with this church, the Lord called the two to Missouri where Brianna would begin classes in seminary and Tim would step into full time ministry.

Tim and Brianna have big hearts for youth, worship, and missions. Having both had their own years of waywardness in life and seeing the Lord’s grace, redemption, and transformative power first-hand, their hearts are filled with compassion towards others. They long to see hearts transformed, prodigals come home, and people connected to Christ.


Tim is an extrovert and enjoys songwriting, soccer, hiking, and Spanish. His favorite book of the Bible is Acts.

Brianna is an introvert and enjoys baking, singing, hiking, and traveling. She is also an overachiever and gave four favorite books of the Bible: Romans, Hebrews, Ephesians, and James

Coming from Texas and having Latin backgrounds, they both really love Honduran and Mexican food.

Children's Director


Alona Simmons

I started working at Country Meadows in October 2020 after receiving a diploma at Children's Ministry Institute, completing a year long internship at Child Evangelism Fellowship and then having worked for them after the internship was completed. I never imagined that I would be here today, but God has better plans as He always does. I went from working at McDonalds and casually attending a church to pursuing a career in ministry just 2 years later; I am beyond blessed in every way.

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